Brazil Political Turbulence: The Silver Lining to a Perfect Storm


If there is a silver lining to Brazil’s political turmoil, it is that the public appears to be regaining trust in two institutions which are fundamental for any democracy: the Supreme Court and the Federal Police.

Wikistrat’s Oren Kesler argues in this report that both have gained the public’s appreciation for acting impartially throughout the crisis, and for not backing down from anti-corruption efforts despite intense pressure imposed upon them.

President Dilma Rousseff’s days in office are likely numbered, argues Kesler, but — unlike in the past — Brazilians do see an end in sight: either with her impeachment or with the Workers’ Party presidency being replaced in 2018. Such change is considered to be worth waiting for.

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In the media

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This report was adapted for publication in The National Interest.

[The] rise in public consciousness, which is facilitated and strengthened by social media platforms, is forcing traditional media to cover Brazilian politics in a more critical matter — something which hasn’t been the case for many years.


Oren Kesler

Oren Kesler
Wikistrat Group Leader


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