China’s European Century


While the U.S. is shifting its strategic focus to Asia (the “Asian Pivot”), China is rapidly intensifying its relations with Europe – and appears to be filling the strategic gap left there by Washington. As Chinese investment in (and trade with) Europe grows, so does Beijing’s influence on EU politics.

The U.S. pivot to Asia is at its core a geopolitical, security-driven move conceptualized in strategic military assessments. By contrast, China’s turn to Europe lacks similar security and military characteristics (save the anti-terror efforts in Central Asia that China is conducting in concert with Russia via the Shanghai Cooperation Organization). China’s focus is instead on trade relations and investment – and has a distinct possibility of finding success.

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This report was also published in The Diplomat, the premier international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region.

In an online, crowdsourced analytic exercise, Wikistrat’s experts recently predicted that the coming years will see a deepening of this China-Europe interdependence.


Tilman Pradt

Dr. Tilman Pradt
Wikistrat Contributing Analyst
PhD in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin


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