Saudi Arabia and the Future of Oil


On May 17, Wikistrat held a webinar for journalists and commentators to consider Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” proposals, which include leadership changes at the Saudi oil ministry and the partial privatization of Saudi Aramco in order to create a sovereign wealth fund capable of supporting diversification of the domestic economy.

Wikistrat’s experts noted that Vision 2030 remains a vision and that it is unclear how successfully it can be turned into reality. They also commented that great efforts will be needed to mobilize support from the public due to many Saudis being employed in closed, inefficient public-sector organizations that will be resistant to economic restructuring.

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Shaul Mishal

Prof. Shaul Mishal
Wikistrat Senior Analyst
Director of the Middle East Division at the Lauder School of Government at IDC Herzliya

Ariel Cohen

Dr. Ariel Cohen
Wikistrat Expert
Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Global Energy Center at the Atlantic Council

Thomas O Donnell

Dr. Thomas O’Donnell
Wikistrat Senior Analyst
Fellow at American Institute of Contemporary German Studies


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