Big Data and U.S. Politics: A Match Made in Heaven

Wikistrat’s Dr. Roey Tzezana predicts that 2016 will see something of a “Space Race” between Democrats and Republicans in terms of using big data.

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As a result of the upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential elections, next year will have significant consequences for the use of big data and predictive analytics for human behavior. During the 2012 campaign, President Obama operated a large team of data scientists who analyzed citizens according to dozens of parameters in order to identify the “easily persuadable” voters who could be turned to his side.

Democrats will use the knowledge and tools left over from the 2012 elections in the 2016 campaign; Republicans will almost certainly do the same. These tools will gain in strength because of the exponential growth in computing elements and artificial intelligence over the last four years, but also because of recent rulings allowing larger contributions to be made to political candidates. These funds will be used in part to support big data and predictive analysis ventures in the upcoming elections.

In a way, this is a new “Space Race” being conducted between the two parties. The original Space Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union led to major leaps forward in space technology due to the need to establish supremacy in the field. The current “Data Race” is forcing both parties to gallop forward and find novel and innovative ways to use big data to secure their political futures.

The consequences of this Data Race are yet to be seen. Society-wise, there are important ethical issues to be considered. Industry-wise, it is likely that the insights and methodologies gained from the Data Race will serve many industries in the years to come, and will allow better targeting of advertisement and product sales.

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