Crime, Terror and the Internet of Things

Wikistrat Crime, Terror and the Internet of Things Report

The Internet of Things has great potential to improve the functions of many systems in the coming decade. But as former law enforcement officer and author Marc Goodman has said, “When everything is connected, everyone is vulnerable.” The virtual world is riddled with hackers, worms, viruses and hacktivists, and it is a safe bet that the IoT — as the bridge between the virtual and the physical world — will enable these actors to move into the physical world as well.

In this report, Wikistrat analyzes the most important IoT targets, the most likely methods attackers will use and the motives behind such attacks.

Our research suggests that public infrastructure is most at risk in terms of security, as are private citizens in their homes. These two very different targets reveal some of the inherent difficulties that lawmakers and security experts must deal with regarding the IoT — as each requires a very different strategy for successful cyberdefense.

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Roey Tzezana

Dr. Roey Tzezana
Wikistrat Senior Analyst
Author, Guide to the Future

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