Wikistrat Expert Commodore (Ret.) Rajesh Sarin

Commodore (Ret.) Rajesh Sarin

Former Foreign Liaison with the Indian Ministry of Defence

Commodore Sarin spent over thirty years in the Indian Navy and is a decorated member of its elite submarine arm. He spent time in Russia as an exchange officer where his fluency in Russian allowed him to obtain extensive cultural and political knowledge of Russia and the Central Asian Republics. His expertise lies in the weapons systems, tactics and procedures of Russian and Eastern European navies.

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Commodore Sarin brings with him over thirty years of service as a submariner in the Indian Navy. During his service, he was instrumental in introducing new naval technology transferred from Russia. He served on the first crew that inducted the new generation of Kilo Class submarines as well as commanding the first missile capable submarine in the Indian Navy. Introduction of this technology required Commodore Sarin to coordinate extensively with Russian firms to produce the technology and train sailors to operate it.
He spent a tour with the Defense Intelligence Agency (India) where he implemented policy and practices that defined procedures for interacting with foreign governments and militaries. In this post, he was responsible for maintaining diplomatic military ties to all Indian military attaches abroad as well as foreign attaches in New Delhi. This included the sensitive and often tenuous ties with China and Pakistan which have engaged India militarily during the commodore’s tenure. Serving at the Ministry of Defence, Commodore Sarin pushed for the modification of the submarine fleet which elevated the fleet to be one of the most advanced in the world.
In addition to his maritime and government service, Commodore Sarin has also commanded multiple shore facilities. As a project manager for the Naval Dockyard in Mubai he oversaw the refitting of submarines and major naval vessels which included complete replacements of the weapon and sensor packages of ships. As the officer in charge of the submarine training school he was responsible for all training for the submarine corps of the Indian Navy where he also paved the way for international training for students.

Wikistrat Analytic Community
Commodore Rajesh Sarin is a Senior Analyst in Wikistrat’s Analytic Community

Academic Qualifications:
PhD in Defence Studies from the Naval Higher Command Course (India); M.S. in Nautical studies at the National Defence Academy (India)

Areas of Expertise:
Soviet/Russian and Eastern European Naval Systems and Procedures
Russia and Central Asia
Indian Defense Policy
South Asia

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