Wikistrat Expert Trevor Townsend

Trevor Townsend

Former Canadian Armored Reconnaissance Officer

Mr. Townsend is a respected security professional specializing in Information Assurance and cyber security, as well as a variety of other threats to private and government entities. A former Canadian Armored Reconnaissance Officer, Mr. Townsend has continued to serve by providing information security consulting and researching cyber warfare.

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Mr. Townsend has extensive experience as a consultant, advising world-wide IBM taskforces on logistical and physical security. These roles have included global customs and borders security, public safety, and corporate security strategy. Mr. Townsend has also worked for over two decades, collaborating with the Canadian government and related institutions on security and risk-management policy. His company provides it services primarily to the Government of Canada.

Mr. Townsend’s worksin both the public and private sector, seeking to provide a “turnkey” service to the client by implementing security strategies at each level. Each project involves an audit to determine the capacity and demand for greater security and is completed once the potential risks and threats have been identified and remedied. These programs range from physical and logistical security to the high-tech issues related to cyber-security and information assurance that are becoming increasingly relevant.

Wikistrat Analytic Community
Trevor Townsend is a Senior Analyst in Wikistrat’s Analytic Community

Academic Qualifications:
BS in Criminology at the University of Toronto

Areas of Expertise:
Information Security Mangement
Security Operations 3.Cyberspace