New Simulation: “The ‘Western Hemispheric’ U.S. President”

WH.jpgEditor’s Note: Wikistrat’s latest community-wide simulation, The “Western Hemispheric” U.S. President, has just launched and will run until September 19th.

For decades now, the United States has witnessed the coming and going of numerous presidents who have started their first terms with the promise to focus more on “our good neighbors to the south,” yet have invariably ignored the region and often – rather absentmindedly – continued the policies of much-criticized predecessors. As in the case of the oft-promised “education president,” Latin America still waits for the U.S. leader who is truly committed to recasting a relationship that’s grown stale amidst a world undergoing unceasingly profound change. With both Mexico and several South American pillars all “rising” – not to mention exploding South-South trade and investment flows, the time could not be more ripe for a transformational “Western Hemispheric” U.S. presidency.

In this simulation, Wikistrat’s strategic community will generate – for some future President of the United States (POTUS) – White House initiatives designed to recast America’s relationship with Latin America. These won’t be broadly defined goals (“end drug war,” “encourage trade integration”), but will present specific policies.

Are you interested in participating in simulations like these? Apply for membership to the analytic community here.

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