Nord Stream II Would Push Central Europeans West


If Nord Stream II is built, it could push Central European countries that are still mildly sympathetic to Russia into the anti-Russian camp led by Poland and Ukraine, some of Wikistrat’s analyst warn.

This infographic summarizes a discussion members of Wikistrat’s Europe and Energy Security Desks conducted on our online, interactive platform earlier this month.

The proposed extension of the Baltic Sea pipeline between Russia and Germany is controversial. Various former East Bloc nations have written the European Commission to express their concern. The EU executive agrees that current gas pipelines, which run mostly through Ukraine, are safe and sufficient.

But Russia wants to bypass its former satellite and sabotage the European Union’s attempts to diversify away from an over-reliance on Russian gas.

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia are currently not as critical of Vladimir Putin’s Russia as former Soviet republics further east. That could change if they feel betrayed by the EU and Germany on the one hand and deliberately circumvented by Russia on the other.

Click here to download the full infographic.

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