Podcast Episode 1: The Future of Warfare

Wikistrat is proud to announce the launch of our new “Geostrategy Radio” podcast.

What is the future of warfare? Which aspects of war are immutable and which are likely to evolve? How will the nature and character of warfare change over the coming century?

The past three decades have seen the rapid adoption of new technologies in all domains of warfare. The advent of unmanned systems, precision strike, persistent and expanded sensors and cyberwarfare — to name but a few of the dramatic changes — seems to indicate a Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA).

To answer these and other questions about the changing nature of warfare, Wikistrat ran a several-weeks-long discussion forum that involved the participation of dozens of analysts on our network.

Supervisor Russ Glenn administered the forum and sat down with Geostrategy Radio host Steve Keller to discuss some of the insights therein. Topics covered included the role of drones, artificial intelligence, tanks, individual soldiers and much, much more.

The podcast was developed by Social Media Coordinator Steve Keller and Podcast Producer Mike Best.

Russ Glenn has a PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Cambridge and has worked extensively on Chinese and U.S. international relations, energy security and security issues. He has been a contributor to Wikistrat since 2011 and currently works as a researcher in Palo Alto.

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