Podcast Episode 2: Ebola — A Global Health Challenge

Today, Wikistrat’s Senior Analyst Prof. Randy Cheek sits down with Geostrategy Radio to discuss insights from Wikistrat’s “Ebola: A Global Health Challenge” simulation.

West Africa’s Ebola epidemic could have a silver lining if global leaders have the wisdom and courage to act. This is a strategic opportunity to replace the existing reactive, ad hoc global health response system with a more proactive, targeted response to outbreaks of infectious disease.

In this episode of Wikistrat’s Geostrategy Radio podcast, Prof. Cheek discusses this and other insights from the recently-conducted “Ebola: A Global Health Challenge” simulation.

Professor Randy Cheek is the former Director for Central Africa at the Africa Bureau of the Department of Defense. He is an expert on African security and a Wikistrat Senior Analyst.

Click here to access the summary report from the “Ebola: A Global Health Challenge” simulation.

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