The Future of Industry is Convergence: An EY-Wikistrat Collaboration

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Wikistrat is excited to announce the launch of a new crowdsourced simulation today in partnership with EY in which a global community of analysts from a range of specialty areas will study the future of convergence in industry.

Disruptive forces — from technology to customer empowerment to evolving social challenges — are transforming the landscape of industry. We are at the cusp of a new business revolution, where the boundaries between previously discrete industries and sets of participants are blurring, creating new competitive threats, disrupting established business models, and challenging companies to find opportunities to thrive in this new and evolving landscape.

More than 30 hand-picked top experts from Wikistrat’s community will collaborate in this online project with an equal number of analysts from EY’s global network of clients and associates to investigate:

  • The drivers of industry convergence
  • Scenarios for convergence between specific industries
  • The implications for large global companies

Wikistrat’s model of Collaborative Competition™ allows analysts to explore many different and competing scenarios. Participants are encouraged to approach the subject matter from various points of view and challenge conventional wisdoms.

The simulation’s findings will be shared by EY in an insight series on this topic. Everyone who is interested should keep an eye on Wikistrat’s and EY’s digital channels where initial insights from the project will be shared throughout the month.

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