The Winner’s Messaging Strategy of the Islamic State: Wikistrat Report

The Winner’s Messaging Strategy of the Islamic State Wikistrat report cover

The militant group known as the Islamic State (ISIS) is heavily dependent on the success of its messaging campaign, but its propaganda is vulnerable to disruption, Wikistrat’s Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Nathaniel Barr argue in the report released today.

In The Winner’s Messaging Strategy of the Islamic State: Technically Excellent, Vulnerable to Disruption, Gartenstein-Ross and Barr argue that ISIS has taken strategic communications by a jihadist group to an entirely new level, with tightly choreographed and slickly produced videos, an apparently deep understanding of how to catch the Western media’s attention and exceptionally skilled, coordinated distribution of content on platforms like Twitter.

Through the strength of its communications, ISIS has drawn young Muslims from across the world to the battlefields of Syria and Iraq to fight on the group’s behalf. ISIS has provoked a wave of lone wolf terrorist attacks, raising legitimate questions about whether extremists’ savvy use of social media might produce a permanent rise in such attacks. ISIS has eclipsed the communications skills of its predecessors in the jihadist movement and is widely perceived as winning its propaganda war against the United States and other Western powers.

How can ISIS’ messaging be countered? Click here or on the cover image to download the full PDF report.

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