Wikistrat’s Outlook on China: Foreign Policy

Wikistrat - Outlook on China Foreign Policy poster

Wikistrat’s analysts have been busy over the last few months projecting the social, economic, political and foreign policy future of China.

This poster highlights some of the key takeaways from our recent simulations:

  • China is investing significantly into modernizing trade routes with Europe. It is notable that China’s focus on Europe decidedly lacks a security component.
  • China’s interest in East Africa is in directly managing political stability so economies thrive and goods can be sold.
  • China will gain disproportionately from a partnership with Russia and will continue to use Russia to gain position and experience in world affairs.
  • China is unlikely to do more than admonish North Korea for recent nuclear tests.
  • As tensions increase with Taiwan, the mainland is likely to seek the KMT’s return to power.
  • Uncertainty about China’s intentions in the South China Sea could trigger a conflict there.

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