Wikistrat’s Year in Review: 2016

2016 Year in Review

We have come to the end of another challenging and incredibly busy year. And what a year it has been.

It seems that the world is changing, for better or for worse, before our eyes: President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, Brexit, Russia’s increasing role in global politics, the death of Fidel Castro, the outbreak of the Zika virus, the impeachment of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, the ongoing tragedy in the Middle East, and a series of terrorist attacks in Europe are only several of the surprises of 2016.

If there is one lesson this year has taught us, it is the reaffirmation of the old axiom: “Always expect the unexpected.”

Niels Bohr’s famous quote also comes to mind: “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

But hey, that’s what crowdsourcing and expert communities are for!

New Collaborative Methodologies

In the past year, Wikistrat has continued to expand its client base, including more public- and private-sector clients like Deloitte and EY.

We have also invested significant efforts in further development of our collaborative methodologies – e.g., advanced roleplaying simulations (we conducted ten in 2016!), crisis management exercises, red-teaming and technological forecasting in a collaborative environment.

A Growing Community


In 2016, we published more than 40 reports and presentations, as well as monthly summaries and a monthly Wikistrat Newsletter for the community.

Most importantly, the community has crossed the 3,000-member threshold! In the past year, we have expanded the community’s range of expertise; it now covers almost every field and industry vertical.

With global uncertainty rising – and our analytic capabilities and brand awareness growing – 2017 is going to be an interesting year for all of us.

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