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An intuitive online platform provides a gamified and interactive learning experience. (2).gif



A new way to teach, train, and learn.

A unique opportunity to learn from an invested perspective, practice skills, and gain new ones.

Some Background

For over a decade, Wikistrat has been specializing in running tailor-made, interactive simulations that use gamification to promote engagement, creativity, and collaboration among the participants.

Customized for a Class (1).gif

Instead of passively memorizing facts and theories, simulations provide students with the opportunity to study the material from an invested point of view while practicing various skills and collaborating with other schools and experts in the field.

Most suitable for: educational institutions - from high schools to graduate programs.

Training & Workshops (2).gif

Wikistrat offers tailor-made senior leadership workshops and training programs, which integrate webinars with subject matter experts and simulations that allow to implement and practice the newly acquired knowledge and skills. 

Most suitable for: governmental institutions; military and diplomatic academies. 

Virtual or In-person Events (4).gif

Simulations can be easily incorporated into engaging events for alumni and donors while providing them with additional value. They also provide the option to create unique collaborations with partners around the world, as they can serve as online events.

Most suitable for: non-profit organizations wishing to connect with their network of alumni or donors.

Why Simulations?

Fun & Easy to Participate

ROUNDSIMICON_russian invasion of ukraine.png

An intuitive online platform provides a gamified and interactive learning experience.

Immersive Experience

The scenario dynamically changes according to the participants’ choices. Accompanying videos, articles, and social media posts make it all come to life.


100% Customizable

The simulations are tailor-made for your needs and preferences, from design to additional features. 


A Unique Networking Opportunity

The students get the chance to learn from peer feedback and leading experts in the field, collaborate with other schools, and make valuable connections.

Case studies


"The historical Wikistrat simulation was an outstanding addition to my course. 

Current students found that the simulation complemented and increased their understanding of the course material. Former students enjoyed revisiting one of the most important events of the Cold War in a realistic, policy-oriented manner that allowed them to broaden their historical knowledge and sharpened analytical skills".

- Joel Sokolsy, Professor of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)

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