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Wikistrat operates a global network of over 2,000 subject-matter experts working collaboratively via our online platform to help decision-makers identify solutions to complex strategic challenges.

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Wikistrat - China Foreign Policy cover

Wikistrat Report: China’s Foreign Policy – What’s Next?September 28, 2015

China will continue to prefer economic tools over military coercion, this Wikistrat report argues.


Wikistrat - Feeding the Dragon cover

Wikistrat Report: Feeding the Dragon – How Will Beijing Stimulate its Slowing Economy?September 21, 2015

After decades of high growth, it seems the unwritten laws of economic gravity are finally catching up with China.


Wikistrat gave us a way of seeing our biases […] We’re predominantly ex-military males, and by the time we get into authority positions we’re quite similar. – Dick Bedford, branch head of strategic engagement at the Allied Command Transformation division of NATO
That [Wikistrat] could out-forecast the world’s leading intelligence agencies seems almost farcical. But it is an eye-opening example of yet another way that crowdsourcing is upending conventional wisdom. – Aaron Stanley, Financial Times
Wikistrat’s successes illustrate how a diverse community can provide credible insights into global events, outperforming […] traditional consulting firms. –Dennis Mitzner, InformationWeek
One of the strengths that we see for this crowdsourced approach is the amount of eyes assembled to look at an issue in a short amount of time. For this reason, huge amounts of information can be processed and synthesized much faster than with linear models. – Tim Haffner at U.S. Africa Command