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Wikistrat operates a global network of over 2,000 subject-matter experts working collaboratively via our online platform to help decision-makers identify solutions to complex strategic challenges.

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East or West: Where Will Russia Send Its Natural Gas?

Wikistrat Report: East or West — Where Will Russia Send Its Natural Gas?January 31, 2016

Russia isn’t going to make a clear-cut choice between East and West, because it can’t.


The Chinese Navy: A Look Ahead

Wikistrat Report: The Chinese Navy — A Look AheadJanuary 28, 2016

Wikistrat’s David K. Schneider analyzes China’s capabilities and intentions for projecting power into its near and far seas.


Wikistrat gave us a way of seeing our biases […] We’re predominantly ex-military males, and by the time we get into authority positions we’re quite similar. – Dick Bedford, branch head of strategic engagement at the Allied Command Transformation division of NATO
That [Wikistrat] could out-forecast the world’s leading intelligence agencies seems almost farcical. But it is an eye-opening example of yet another way that crowdsourcing is upending conventional wisdom. – Aaron Stanley, Financial Times
Wikistrat’s successes illustrate how a diverse community can provide credible insights into global events, outperforming […] traditional consulting firms. –Dennis Mitzner, InformationWeek
One of the strengths that we see for this crowdsourced approach is the amount of eyes assembled to look at an issue in a short amount of time. For this reason, huge amounts of information can be processed and synthesized much faster than with linear models. – Tim Haffner at U.S. Africa Command