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Richard Weitz

What does it mean for Russia to disconnect from global internet?, CGTN, December 28

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Subhash Kapila

President Xi Besieged Externally and Internally, Eurasia Review,  December 5

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Theodore Karasik

US influence in Northeast Asia faces several complications, Arab News, December 11

Minxin Pei

No Easy Road for U.S. in Decoupling, China-US Focus, December 6

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Bonnie Glaser

Bonnie Glaser on the Future of US-China Relations, Taiwan, and Indo-Pacific Strategy, The Diplomat, December 4

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Ian Easton

Someday China Will Try to Invade Taiwan, The National Interest, December 3

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Andrew KP Leung

Six Powerful Reasons to Rethink How Hong Kong Should Be Governed, South China Morning Post,  December 3

Ukraine faces a decisive December in a rapidly deteriorating geopolitical climate, Atlantic Council, December 3

Mark Galeotti

What does Boris Johnson’s win mean for…Russia?, In Moscow's Shadow, December 2019


Richard Connolly, Michael Kofman, Jeffrey Mankoff

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Abdul Basit

Back on track?, The News, December 3


Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

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Ali Bakeer

Drone Arms Race: The Great Sky Game in the Middle East, Inside Arabia, December 5

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Ali Bakeer

Turkish-Libyan alliance in the eastern Mediterranean: A game changer?, The New Arab, December 10

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Ian Easton

Can we be honest about China?, Taipei Times, December 2

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Mark Galeotti

MH17 Recordings Are About Crowdsourcing Whistleblowers, The Moscow Times, November 16

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Stephen Blank

Beyond and After Syria: The Scope of Russia’s Middle Eastern Triumphs, The Navigator, November 27

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Umair Jamal

Pakistan’s Haqqani Network Increases Its Profile in Afghan Peace Talks, The Diplomat, November 25

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Dmitri Trenin

Sharif leaves, Khan stays, but nothing changes for Pakistan, Daily Sabah, December 3

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Akhil Ramesh

Surviving India's Water Crisis, The National Interest, November 1


Osama Al-Sharif

Fourth Cabinet reshuffle raises questions about economic reforms in Jordan, Al-Monitor, November 13

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Syed Fazl-e-Haider

OPINION: Solution to Kashmir Conflict Lies in East Timor, The News Lens, November 12


Syed Fazl-e-Haider

Shifting alliances in the Gulf a boon to China, Lowy Institute, November 18


Dmitri Trenin

Russia’s Comeback Isn’t Stopping With Syria, The New York Times, November 12


Omid Shokri Kalehsar

Challenges and opportunities for Aramco's IPO, TRT World, November 14


Omid Shokri Kalehsar

Challenges and opportunities in Iran-Qatar Relations, United World, November 17




Traditional Management Consulting Giving Way to Crowdsourcing

According to Wikistrat’s CEO, Oren Kesler, “We continue to see growing demand from clients and consultancy partners alike, all seeking something different. These days, both governments and corporations want to be innovative and more creative in how they interact with vendors. And it just makes more sense to leverage some form of virtual crowdsourcing where talented professionals compete to think creatively about the future and brainstorm solutions"

The implications of Qassem Soleimani’s assassination

Three of Wikistrat’s top experts weigh in on the significance of the death in Iraq of one of Iran’s most important military commanders

A closer look at US-China competition

An interview with U.S. economist and leading China expert David P. Goldman (JNS).


An inside look at interreligious reconciliation

An interview with Rabbi David Rosen, international director of interreligious affairs at the American Jewish Committee (JNS).


With Wikistrat, crowdsourcing gets geopolitical

A consultancy is trying to out-forecast the world’s intelligence agencies (Financial Times)


Beyond maximum pressure: An interview with Iran expert Michael Pregent

Wikistrat sat down with Hudson Institute senior fellow and former U.S. intelligence officer Michael Pregent to get a deeper insight into U.S. policy options vis-à-vis Iran (JNS)


Why This Company is Crowdsourcing, Gamifying the World's Most Difficult Problems

McKinsey shouldn’t close up shop just yet. But if Wikistrat has its way, the future of geopolitical analysis will belong to the crowd (Fast Company).


Deloitte brings crowdsourcing into the mainstream

Code-named "Deloitte Pixel" the service brings together new entrants in the strategy consulting space, including ex-McKinsey consultants 10EQS, Wikistrat, Topcoder and InCrowd under a global agreement (Financial Review).


Competitors forced to work together to tackle complexity

The age of individual consultancies providing an end-to-end service is over (Financial Times). 

The world’s first crowdsourced consultancy

10 Years. 500 Simulations. 5,000 Experts.

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