Become an Analyst

Become An Analyst

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  • Connect and network with an elite multidisciplinary community of the world’s best experts
  • Participate in exclusive collaborative simulations and interactive wargames
  • Showcase your skills and become a thought leader in your field

"Taking part in Wikistrat’s Grand Strategy Competition has been an exceptional experience. It has been amazing to work alongside such talent and I have been fascinated to observe, and liaise with, outstanding individuals and teams from across the globe." Heloise Crowther, Contributing Analyst
"Being part of the Wikistrat analytic community has broadened my professional network and positioned me at the leading edge of disruptive innovation technology using crowdsourcing as a high-value-adding tool for strategic analysis." Gary Hunt, Senior Analyst
"For me, Wikistrat provides a platform on which I can play with ideas, question my own assumptions and share in the expertise of others. The crowdsourced model has taken forecasting and turned it into an exciting, collaborative and creative process that also best reflects the complex and interconnected way which today's geopolitics emerge." Mark Galeotti, Senior Analyst


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Program Description

Interns undergo an unpaid two-stage internship program consisting of a two week training course followed by four months of internship activities. Upon completion of the full internship, qualified candidates will be invited to join Wikistrat as Researchers, an analyst rank which allows them to participate in Wikistrat’s client simulations.

Interns play an active role within the Wikistrat Network: interacting with top analysts, helping to write concise reports and analysis on topics of their expertise, contributing to the theoretical knowledge base of Wikistrat, and integrating their work across a unique Web 2.0 platform. All Wikistrat work is conducted online so you can work at your own time from home.

Internship Rewards

  1. Gain practical experience in next generation analysis and strategic planning.
  2. Learn alongside the world’s best analysts.
  3. Access Wikistrat’s reports, simulations and other publications
  4. Earn Wikistrat Points – points determine how highly an analyst is ranked in the community based on their contributions and may result in potential prize earnings.
  5. Promotion opportunities to become a Researcher, and later Contributing Analyst.


Interns participate in ongoing geopolitical simulations as part of Wikistrat’s international and diverse analytic network and also take part in activities designed to grow and improve the Wikistrat network.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be able to contribute up to 15 hours per week to Wikistrat
  • High level English writing skills and analytic capabilities
  • Experience in Political/Economic/Security/Social research
  • Preference to those with relevant degrees and proven working experience


To apply, please send an email to [email protected]:

  1. Describe yourself and your expertise, as well as which internship you are applying to
  2. Two writing samples showcasing a topic that you consider yourself knowledgeable about
  3. An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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