Our Services at a Glance

  1. Crowdsourced Simulations: Structured studies and exercises for strategic planning, scenario forecasting, market research and risk management.
  2. Intelligence Monitoring: Real-time monitoring and tracking of geopolitical or market stability to provide strategic early warning of deviation from baseline, potential instability and changes in economic conditions.
  3. Red-Teaming: Rapid review, critique and proposition of alterations and improvements to a policy paper (or draft), challenging conventional wisdom or a corporate strategy by a team of experts.
  4. War-Gaming: Use of multiple teams to roleplay actors/countries/enterprises in order to understand how the future can unfold through both intra-actor collaboration and inter-actor competition.
  5. Analyst Briefing: Access to Wikistrat’s network of 2,000+ experts for quick-turnaround analyses, briefings and expert panels on specific issues and ideas.
  6. Executive Memo Service: Customized policy memos within a three-hour turnaround for dealing with a crisis or breaking news.
  7. Subscription Service: Monthly reports synthesizing key insights from dozens of simulations highlighting key risks and opportunities regarding trending geopolitical affairs.

“One of the strengths that we see for this crowdsourced approach is the amount of eyes assembled to look at an issue in a short amount of time. For this reason, huge amounts of information can be processed and synthesized much faster than with linear models.”
Tim Haffner, U.S. Africa Command


Crowdsourced Consulting

Why crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is an efficient, creative and rapid way of obtaining a wide range of different perspectives for any given set of issues. Ideas, insights and understandings are produced and captured in real time as dozens or even hundreds of strategic thinkers chase down a problem, analyze market conditions or evaluate strategic alternatives. By tailoring a given project’s parameters and participants, providing analytic organizing principles, and managing a technological platform to facilitate interaction among large numbers of participants, Wikistrat delivers to its clients the “wisdom of the (expert) crowd.”

In today’s complicated world, businesses and governments need broad intellectual exposure to sift through increasingly complex issues and generate greater analytic insight. Wikistrat achieves this by pulling hundreds of experts into an online venue specifically designed to foster “collaborative competition” – and then turbo-charging the dynamic by concentrating and focusing the effort to an unprecedented degree. Our proprietary “Collaborative Competition”™ methodology (patent pending) allows Wikistrat to harness large, invitation-only crowds of experts and have them collaborate and compete in small teams – generating hundreds of potential scenarios, policy options, strategies and insights.

As the future of consulting, this approach already is changing the way in which corporations and governments consume analysis and conduct their strategic planning.

Crowdsourcing is not a universal replacement for in-house studies and traditional forms of consulting (yes, we offer those too!), and there are times when traditional analyses are more efficient and adequate for the task. Moreover, you simply can’t outsource your strategic thought processes every time.

But when the time comes to tap into wider pools of thinking, explore issues more “horizontally” than “vertically,” or look at the widest range of issues impacting a market, crowdsourcing is fast, efficient and capable. In today’s black-swan world, you can never ask too many “what if” questions, or have too many bright minds proposing possible answers.

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