Role-Playing Simulations

In role-playing simulations, Wikistrat assigns participants specific roles in a multi-stage wargame or complex decision-making exercise. Analysts act as a particular entity for the duration of the exercise.


Simulations run on Wikistrat’s online platform, allowing real-time collaboration.


Analysts can participate on their own time from wherever they are.


Every simulation involves a diverse crowd of subject-matter experts.

Types of Role-Playing Simulations

Wikistrat offers three types of role-playing simulations:

    1. In geopolitical scenarios, like “Turkey’s Intervention in the Syrian Civil War”, analysts are assigned the role of different countries and asked to predict the various actions these governments could pursue in fictional situations.
    2. Participants are divided into teams in which they role-play the same actor, as in “A Chinese Spring”, to see if they will pursue similar or diverging strategies.
    3. A simulation can be a combination of the two designs above, as demonstrated in “The Autonomous Car that Killed”.

Relevant Reports

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About Wikistrat

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Wikistrat’s crowdsourced approach enables public- and private-sector clients to obtain deeper insights about the future – as well as plan more creative policy options and strategies – with unparalleled speed and cost efficiency.

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Previous Client Engagements

Wikistrat has conducted crowdsourced simulations for a variety of public- and private-sector clients, including EY, Lockheed Martin and U.S. Africa Command.