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We operate a global network of subject-matter experts, leveraging our collaborative analysis methodology and interactive crowdsourcing platform for running online simulations and innovation challenges

Founded in 2009

500+ Simulations

5,000+ Analysts

Worldwide coverage

If you wish to learn more about Wikistrat

Wikistrat is the world’s first crowdsourced consultancy. We help our clients, from governments, leading businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and non-profit organizations, to brainstorm solutions and obtain an in-depth understanding of their landscape by using a unique crowdsourcing approach, consisting of three elements:

An interactive online platform that is perfectly suited for remote work and has been built to facilitate transparent discussions and collaboration.

A global network of the world's leading experts, including former Fortune 500 CEOs and directors, leading scientists and academics, generals, futurists, and outside of the box thinkers.

A specialized collaborative analysis methodology that increases engagement, creativity, and collaboration among participants in our projects, all with unparalleled speed and cost-efficiency.





Wikistrat strives to promote a world in which global leaders in government and business are able to quickly and efficiently leverage the immense expertise that lies outside of their traditional reach. We believe there is wisdom in the expert crowd – wisdom that is essential for dealing with an increasingly complex world. Through our crowdsourcing network, we work to promote international security and stability, while advancing responsible governance and accountability.


Our mission is to deliver real-time intelligence, diverse perspectives, and rigorous strategic analysis to support decision-makers facing complex challenges. Wikistrat stands available to provide analytic integrity by leveraging transparent, open-source methodologies and platforms to support clients from around the world.



Structured studies and exercises for strategic planning, scenario forecasting, market research, and risk management.

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War Games

Use of multiple teams to roleplay in order to learn how the future could unfold through both intra-actor collaboration and inter-actor competition.

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Legal Solutions

We offer expert witness searches and assitance to match the right expertise to meet your litigation needs, using our extensive database.

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Virtual Events

Create an unforgettable experience for your organization with Wikistrat's virtual events, customized and branded just for you.

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Executive Memos

Customized policy memos within a three-hour turnaround for dealing with a crisis or breaking news.

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Risk Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and tracking of geopolitical or market stability to provide strategic early warning of deviation from baseline, and changes in economic conditions.

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Multi-day, intensive, workshop style events that combine lectures and hands-on training customized to accomodate your interests. 

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Get a longitudinal or cross-sectional analysis of your field of interest with information from hundreds of experts to inform your decision making

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Analyst Briefings

Access to Wikistrat’s network of 5,000+ experts for quick-turnaround analyses, briefings, and expert panels on specific issues and ideas.

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Red Teaming

Rapid review, critique, and proposition of alterations and improvements to a policy paper, challenging conventional wisdom or a corporate strategy by a team of experts.

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