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We operate a global network of over 5,000 subject-matter experts, leveraging our interactive crowdsourcing platform for real-time wargames, scenario exercises, and innovation challenges. We harness human intelligence through technology-enabled, collaborative exercises.

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Founded in 2009, Wikistrat has developed a new paradigm for helping organizations understand and assess new technologies, solve complex problems, and think creatively about the future. This paradigm is characterized by the core features of Agility, Innovation, and Rapid and Cost-Effective Decision-Making. 

Unlike the traditional consulting model, Wikistrat operates a highly flexible, distributed expert network for bespoke recruitment and analytic tasking. Experts are queried around the clock, in response to global events and client requirements. 


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Wikistrat’s crowdsourced analytic services model is:


  • Agile: Different analytic teams are assembled to analyze or provide commentary on an issue in response to specific events or client questions. 

  • Innovative: Our model relies on the insights and capabilities of a large and diverse group of SMEs, all collaborating in real-time.

  • Rapid and Cost-Effective: We drive results in one-third of the time and cost that it would take traditional providers to deliver an equivalent effort.

  • Interactive:  The client can interact in real-time with the experts, visibly or invisibly, and respond to insights as they emerge.



Wikistrat strives to promote a world in which global leaders in government and business are able to quickly and efficiently leverage the immense expertise that lies outside of their traditional reach. We believe there is wisdom in the expert crowd – wisdom that is essential for dealing with an increasingly complex world. Through our crowdsourcing network, we work to promote international security and stability, while advancing responsible governance and accountability.


Our mission is to deliver real-time intelligence, diverse perspectives, and rigorous strategic analysis to support decision-makers facing complex challenges. Wikistrat stands available to provide analytic integrity by leveraging transparent, open-source methodologies and platforms to support clients from around the world.

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