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Giorgio Cafiero

Putin takes a trip to Riyadh, The New Arab, October 15

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Osama Al-Sharif

After Amman gives in to striking teachers, more protests could come, Al-Monitor, October 16

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Umair Jamal

Why Imran Khan Acknowledged Pakistan’s Role in Training Jihadists, The Diplomat, September 28

Tehseen Nisar

Kashmir and the abrogation of Article 370: Can peace be possible, or stalemate continue to hamper India and Pakistan relations in future?, SADF, September 13

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Theodore Karasik

Putin visit opens a new chapter in bilateral relations with the UAE, The National, October 15

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Osama Al-Sharif

Erdogan’s invasion of Syria may come back to haunt him, Arab News,  October 15


Ariel Cohen

Attacks on Saudi were a 'textbook act of aggression', CNBC, September 19


Saudi Arabia as a Resurgent Regional Power, Italian Journal of International Affairs

Cinzia Bianco

Cracks in the Saudi-Emirati alliance?, European Council on Foreign Relations, September 13


Shalini Chawla

Shalini Chawla

Pakistan’s Narrative and Propaganda War Post Abrogation of Article 370, Centre for Air Power Studies, August 21

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Haisam Hassanein

Arab States Give China a Pass on Uyghur Crackdown, Washington Institute, August 26


Minxin Pei

China must pick the least bad option to resolve Hong Kong crisis. A PLA crackdown is not it, South China Morning Post, August 14th


Joy Mitra

Defense Is Becoming More Integral to India’s Diplomacy, Fair Observer, August 13th

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Akhil Ramesh

Will the Bibi-Modi Bromance Deliver?, Jerusalem Post, August 1st

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Akhil Ramesh

Energy key to luring India into US Indo-Pacific strategy, Asia Times, July 18

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Claude Rakisits

Reaching Peace in Afghanistan and the Pakistan Factor, Globe Post, July 31

the arab gulf states institute in washin

Jonathan Fulton

China’s Gulf Investments Reveal Regional Strategy, The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, July 29

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