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A Wikistrat Simulation:
February 22-25, 2022


As global attention is focused on the Russian-Ukrainian border, decision-makers in Beijing, Taipei, and Washington are trying to better understand how the recent crisis in Europe will affect their adversaries' perceptions and calculations in regard to their current cross-strait strategies.

While neither Russia nor Ukraine have any play in the longstanding conflict between China and Taiwan, the US response to the current crisis and the impact the crisis will have on American resources is being studied and analyzed in Beijing with great attention, and many experts believe it will have an impact on the decisions to be made by China, the US, and Taiwan.

4 Strategic Scenarios. 30 World-Leading Experts.

From February 22 to 25, Wikistrat ran an online simulation in order to assess China's cross-strait strategy in the aftermath of the crisis in Ukraine.

In the interactive simulation, that was designed in collaboration with Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow, and Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at Hudson Institute, 30 leading experts explored how the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and the responses to it from the US, would impact China's cross-strait strategy.

In the exercise, four different scenarios were simulated, assessing the outcomes of a successful Russian invasion as opposed to an unsuccessful one, as well as a soft American response to it versus a harsh one.

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