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Wikistrat's Customized Collaboration Platform

Wikistrat's Customized Collaboration Platform

An advanced, customized technology platform for implementing Wikistrat’s crowdsourced exercises. This platform allows for contributions from multiple users; collaboration in real-time; the ability to extract data from multiple pages in order and to compare sets of information on one page; auto-creation and auto-editing of pages; inclusion of images, video, and audio; embedding of external material; live chat functions; and integration with the Wikistrat gamification system.

What We Offer

Structured studies and exercises for strategic planning, scenario forecasting, market research, and risk management.

Crowdsourced Simulations

Real-time monitoring and tracking of geopolitical or market stability to provide strategic early warning of deviation from baseline, potential instability, and changes in economic conditions.

Risk Monitoring

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Use of multiple teams to roleplay in order to learn how the future could unfold through both intra-actor collaboration and inter-actor competition.

War Games and Role Playing Exercises

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Rapid review, critique, and proposition of alterations and improvements to a policy paper (or draft), challenging conventional wisdom or a corporate strategy by a team of experts.

Red Teaming

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Access to Wikistrat’s network of 5,000+ experts for quick-turnaround analyses, briefings, and expert panels on specific issues and ideas.

Analyst Briefings

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Customized policy memos within a three-hour turnaround for dealing with a crisis or breaking news.

Executive Memo Service

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