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Russia Reins in Belarus

Wikistrat Simulation | 30 Top Experts | September 21-26

Recently Wikistrat hosted an interactive simulation with over 40 world-leading experts examining the potential evolution of the relations between Russia and Belarus following the aftermath of the contested Belarusian elections. 

Featured Experts


Simulation Lead Analyst. Senior Consulting Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House

Mr. Keir Giles

Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI, Author of "Russian Political War" (2019) 

Dr. Mark Galeotti

Associate Fellow, Russia, and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House

Mr. Duncan Allan

Director of Political-Military Analysis, Hudson Institute

Dr. Richard Weitz

About the Simulation

The simulation consisted of three rounds played between September 21st and September 26th. In the simulation, teams represented 3 actors: Team Russia, Team EU, and Team NATO.

The participants were be asked to respond to a different scenario of actions taken by Russia, the EU, and NATO in each round, and suggested different policies and actions for their team as a response. Eventually, all the participants assessed the probabilities and risks of the different types of actions and reactions that were taken during the simulation.

Special Podcast: Russia's Dilemma in Belarus

Russia Experts Mr. Keir Giles and Dr. Mark Galeotti discuss Potential ways Russia may respond to the unrest on its border with Belarus. 

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