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Tensions over the Russian threat to invade Ukraine are at their highest level since 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea.


Although Russia says it has no plans to invade, US intelligence believes that as many as 175,000 Russian troops could become involved as early as January of 2022.

Wikistrat consulted ten world-renowned experts on Russia, Ukraine, and military affairs to assess the viability of the Russian threat to  Ukraine

Special Report: The Russian Threat to Invade Ukraine

  • The threat of an invasion is very real.

  • Ukraine is in a weak position vis-à-vis deterring Russia.

  • The West must do more to aid Ukraine and deter Russia.

  • Russia possesses sufficient military capability to overwhelm Ukrainian defenses.

  • The consequences of an invasion would extend far beyond Ukraine.

Key Insights

10 World-Leading Experts.

9 Questions.

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