CyberSecurity and Technology Community

Dr. Denise Baken

Founding Executive Director of the Institute for Biodefense Research (IBR)

Mr. Paul Twomey

Distinguished fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation 

Dr. Ryusuke Masuoka

Research principal at Fujitsu System Integration Laboratories Limited 

Dr. Itamara Lochard

Director of Cyber Policy Studies at the C4I & Cyber Center of Excellence at George Mason University,  Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Technology & National Security Policy at U.S. National Defense University

Dr. Roey Tzezana

Fellow in Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology & Security, and lectures in the Technion.

Mr. Andy Bochman

Senior Cyber and Energy Strategist at Idaho National Lab. 

Mr. Erwin Pfuhler

Erwin earned his Diplom-Kaufmann from Munich School of Management. He has been in IT sales for three decades. Blockchain-based business models and digital identity are his special interest.

Mr. Nick Drage

Director of Path Dependence Limited, experienced in red and blue cyber security, from technical through sales to strategic considerations

Mr. Ronen Weinberg

Strategy, technology and innovation senior consultant and European Commission programs advisor. Focus on start-ups and advise as well to Fortune 500 companies.

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