Wikistrat Expert Dr. Calla Wiemer

Dr. Calla Wiemer

Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California, US-China Institute

Calla Wiemer is a Visiting Scholar at the US-China Institute of the University of Southern California. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. An expert on the Chinese economy, she has recently completed a study for the US Defense Department on the impact of China’s rise on global resource markets. Her current research focuses on China’s macroeconomic conditions and the consequences for global imbalances.

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Dr. Wiemer got in on the ground floor for study of China’s economic reforms doing dissertation research at Nanjing University in 1981-82. On finishing her Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, she landed a plum job in the only economics department in the US that takes study of Asia as central to its mission — at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Major projects she took on included work for the Asian Development Bank on improving China’s cross-border economic relations with Central Asia and developing survey techniques to measure small-scale industrial activity for the GDP accounts.

She is currently working on a textbook — “Macroeconomics for Emerging East Asia” co-authored with Charles Adams. A recent working paper with Carl Bonham analyzes Chinese saving behavior as a function of GDP growth and the dependent share in population. On the consulting front, Dr. Wiemer contributed four chapters to a report for the US Defense Department titled “US-China Economics 2010-2035: Strategies for Contentious Competition,” released September 2011.

Wikistrat Analytic Community
Dr. Wiemer is a Senior Analyst in Wikistrat’s Analytic Community

Academic Qualifications:
PhD in economics, University of Wisconsin; Nanjing University, class attendance and research; M.S. in economics, University of Wisconsin; BA in Economics, Drury University

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