Wikistrat Expert Dr. Jon Mortensen

Dr. Jon Mortensen

Former UN Advisor for International Trade and Development

Dr. Mortensen is an expert in international political economy with a focus on trade and development. His research and analysis has been presented to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UN and international media outlets. Though his work has included “Aid for Trade” in Africa, he also brings a wealth of knowledge on global health and Danish affairs.

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Dr. Mortensen’s expertise in international trade lies primarily in the realm of development, aid and public health. His research has involved population transfers between countries, economic partnerships between states, and the effect development aid on political relations. Dr. Mortensen received his PhD from the Danish Institute for International Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Throughout his experience as a student, he served in UN programs for economics and international development. This culminated in his service as an Assistant Program Officer for the UN Development Program in Bangkok, Thailand.
Dr. Mortensen’s research has been commissioned on multiple occasions to lend his insight on a variety of topics related to international trade, particularly in the realm of public health. He has also served as an advisor to the Danish Energy Agency, researching the economics of Climate and Energy. As a senior advisor to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has contributed extensively to the study of population transfers, “brain drains”, and economic exchanges between states.
In addition to his work on the international economy, Dr. Mortensen has also dedicated part of his academic pursuits to the study of global health and international migration. This work has become increasingly significant in an era where epidemics and disease plague both the first world as well as the third world. Dr. Mortensen studies the interconnected nature of these two disciplines, examining the impact of massive population transfers and refugee crises on the global system.

Wikistrat Analytic Community
Dr. Jon Mortensen is a Senior Analyst in Wikistrat’s Analytic Community

Academic Qualifications:
PhD in International Political Economy from the University of Copenhagen; Public Administration from Aalborg University

Areas of Expertise:
International Trade and Development
Danish Policy
Climate Change
Global Health and Migration

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