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Create an unforgettable experience for your organization with Wikistrat's virtual events, customized and branded just for you.

About Online Simulations

Wikistrat's online collaborative simulations provide immersive experiences, teamwork, and knowledge sharing tailored to your needs. 


Our service is based on 3 pillars

  • An interactive online platform perfectly suited for remote work and built to facilitate discussions and information sharing.

  • A proven methodology that increases engagement, creativity, and collaboration among participants.

  • An experienced, dedicated staff that mastered the art of online crowd management and discussion facilitation.

About Wikistrat
Wikistrat has a proven track record of conducting more than 500 online simulations for governments, top consultancies, NGOs, universities, and Fortune 500 companies for over a decade. 

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How it works







Once you share the goals, topics, and research questions you wish to explore in the simulation, we will tailor a unique, interactive, online exercise for your organization.


Invite your employees, external members, investors, donors, or other stakeholders to participate. We will take care of the onboarding. 

Using the Wikistrat platform, we will use the preapproved framework to build the simulation in which multiple users can collaborate in real-time


We will produce customized creative content to accompany the simulation to create a realistic and immersive environment.

We will assign a dedicated Wikistrat staff member to work with you, from the preparation phase, through the onboarding, facilitation, and execution.

Once the simulation is over, we will design a report based on the insights from the simulation. 

Choose your type of virtual event

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