Wikistrat and Sandpit Innovation have partnered together to run an online simulation to explore scenarios for the mining industry in 2030, focused on exploring how ESG and digital factors will combine and shape the mining industry in the next decade. This simulation will run from February 22nd to February 28th.


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In 2030, the world will have changed in ways that will have profound effects on the mining industry and the people who rely on it. A shifting geopolitical landscape, demographic change, technological innovations, ecological changes, new methods of transportation, and increasing social awareness among consumers and employees are all drivers of change both today and in the future.

However, the synergy between these drivers will combine in new ways that will drive the global dynamics into a different paradigm than that of today. These changes will impact the future for many mining firms, and the mining industry will need to transform itself to respond to the instability impacting many firms that will face novel and familiar challenges.

The challenge today is determining what the future trends and drivers are, how they will combine to shape the future, what the market implications for the mining industry are, and what capabilities are required to meet these challenges.





Map the technological, ESG, and other trends that will shape the mining industry in the year 2030, and explore how will these trends combine. 


Develop future scenarios for the mining industry in the year 2030 and understand how they will be impacted by the trends identified.


Identify and explore potential black swans that could disrupt the industry. 


The simulation will run online for seven days from February 22-28. During this period, participation in the simulation is highly flexible. You will be able to participate from anywhere, at any time, for as long as you want.


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