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The Future of Work in the Year 2025

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Between June 21 and July 3, Wikistrat ran an online collaborative simulation with Accenture. In this, a crowd of 41 experts was exploring the impact of the top macro-economic trends on the workforce that business leaders would face in the years ahead.

The coronavirus pandemic has already transformed the workforce in ways that were hard to imagine before 2020. These shifts are still evolving, and by 2025, the post-COVID-19 world will have changed in ways that will have profound effects on the workforce environment. The shifting economic landscape, technological innovations, and new work models are all driving the change. However, the synergy between these drivers will combine in new ways that will drive the global dynamics into a different paradigm than today.

These changes will impact the future for business leaders as they make workforce decisions while facing the challenges of determining what the future trends and drivers are and how they will combine to shape the future, what the implications for their organizations are, and what capabilities are required to meet these challenges.

For this purpose, Wikistrat was hired by Accenture to run an online simulation in which an interdisciplinary crowd of 41 top experts was collaborating to explore the impact of the top macro-economic trends on the workforce environment that business leaders would face in the years to come and analyze how the intensity of the trends would influence the leadership’s decision-making regarding their workforce and talent.

The simulation was launched on June 21, 2021, and was concluded on July 3. It consisted of a total of four phases – Identifying Trends, Projecting Scenarios for the future, Voting, and Developing Policy Options based on the insights gained in the previous rounds. The crowd included 41 experts, spread over five continents, and from diverse areas of expertise, such as HR platforms, the public sector, the sharing economy, organizational development, commercial real estate, and more.

Wikistrat's CEO, Oren Kesler: "For this simulation for Accenture, we have mapped, identified, and recruited the top talent and thinkers on the future of work. Our platform is bringing these voices from all corners of the world and engaging them to think deeper and develop unique insights that set Wikistrat apart from other services. This partnership with Accenture is a natural one, as we are both companies at the forefront of innovative and future-focused thinking."

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