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Dr. Maha Aziz - A Post COVID-19 World? Global Risks and Implications

In this latest installment of Wikistrat's Podcast Series, Einat Elazari from Wikistrat and Dr. Maha Aziz discussed the impact of COVID-19 on Global Risks around the world. The discussion was based on the findings of a community-wide simulation, launched by Wikistrat in partnership with NYU, that aimed to predict how the world will evolve after the COVID-19 virus is behind us.

Click below to download the transcript of the interview:

A POST-COVID-19 World Global Risks and I
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Dr. Maha Aziz

Dr. Maha Aziz is an International Relations Professor at NYU focused on global risk; author of “Future World Order” and the upcoming sequel “Covid-19 Effect”.

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