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COVID-19: The Day After Series, The Future Of Education

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

"Two reasons why the cost of higher education will go down. The first reason is customers won’t pay the same for online that they will pay for face to face. The second reason is a lot of higher education institutions have built significant support organizations, which are kind of predicated on people being on campus. And it’s basically the customer service organization that’s been built to make life better for students on campus, be the resident, or be just on a daily basis. And that isn’t really needed to the same level in an online world." - David Midgley

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on educational systems around the world, forcing the nearly complete closure of all universities, schools, and colleges. As we look ahead to a post-COVID-19 world, Wikistrat spoke with innovation expert David Midgley to explore what lessons education systems can learn and find out how they will adapt to a potential new reality in the education sector.

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