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New Opportunities for the Mining Industry Post-COVID-19

Updated: May 22, 2021

The outbreak of the COVID-19 emergency is putting the business environment under

stress, and companies from every industry are called to navigate a challenging scenario,

experiencing several degrees of disruption. However, being resilient during the time of a

crisis also means looking for new opportunities in front of the complexity and uncertainty

originated. In order to understand how the mining industry could embrace these changes

in a post-pandemic world, Wikistrat interviewed Dr. Nicolaas C. Steenkamp, geological

and mining expert at the consulting firm Bowline Professional Services, South Africa.

The main opportunities will be for equipment suppliers and service providers, especially on automatization and semi-automatization operations. I think the other big one will be the IT sector, where the work from home [atmosphere] will require more people to be able to access their company infrastructure and to offer remote troubleshooting support for them. There may also be an increase in the numbers of pay-per-use licensed software, such as modeling or drafting packages. -Dr. Nicolaas C. Steenkamp

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The Day After COVID-19 What are the oppo
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