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The Autonomous Car That Killed

Wikistrat challenged more than 50 of its experts to respond to a scenario in which an autonomous vehicle is involved in a fatal incident. During this online, interactive exercise, several issues as well as blind and soft spots were raised which future autonomous vehicle manufacturers should be paying attention to today.

The analysts were divided into four teams across two mirrored groups: one playing an unidentified corporation that produces autonomous vehicles, another playing the California State Legislature. Two teams were assigned to each actor to see how unique decisions would lead to different results – which they did.

Bottom Lines

  • Companies should incorporate local legislators in the development process, and initiate joint legal teams.

  • Autonomous vehicle manufacturers will have to consider software updates for their vehicles becoming mandatory by law, which may add to their cost and increase the price for consumers.

  • Although some tech companies might try to “ride solo” as they develop their products over the next few years, they will be forced to partner with traditional car manufacturers prior to their vehicles hitting the roads.

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