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NYU × RSIS Simulation: Top 10 Risks for 2024

In December 2023, Wikistrat ran an interactive simulation in which graduate students

from New York University's "Political Risks and Prediction" course and S. Rajaratnam

School of International Studies' "Political Risk Analysis" course collaborated with

Wikistrat experts to predict the key risks to global stability in 2024.

Throughout the course of ten days, the participants analyzed geopolitical, political,

social and economic risks that might impact global stability in the coming year, as

well as numerous shock events.

This was the 8th annual NYU-Wikistrat "Global Risk Factors" event, and the first cross-

campus collaboration with RSIS on this simulation.

Read the full report here:

NYUXRSIS Global Risk Factors 2024
Download PDF • 1.68MB

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