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Putin's Visit to China: A Look Into the Sino-Russian Relationship

On May 16, 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in China for talks with President Xi Jinping. This visit marked his first overseas trip after beginning his new term and underscored Russia's crucial partnership with China amid Moscow's isolation over the Ukraine war. In a special webinar, Wikistrat CEO Oren Kesler and Eurasia and East Asia expert Dr. Richard Weitz discussed the recent events and took an in-depth look into the Sino-Russian relationship.

Dr. Richard Weitz is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at Hudson Institute. His research interests include European and Eurasian regional security developments as well as US foreign and defense policies. He has written extensively in his field, recently authoring his book, “The New China-Russia Alignment: Critical Challenges to US Security.”

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