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The 2021 Protests and the Future of Colombia - Dr. Andrei Gomez-Suarez

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

On April 28th, Colombians took their frustration to the streets. One year after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, citizens started protesting against tax reform proposals announced by President Ivan Duque. The protests have been happening for over three weeks and human rights abuses have been reported. What does that mean for Colombia? How might these events impact the country's elections happening next year? Wikistrat's podcast host, Marina Guimaraes spoke with Dr. Andrei Gomez-Suarez to learn more.

Dr. Andrei Gomez-Suarez is Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Religion, Reconciliation and Peace at the University of Winchester. He is a Colombian writer, international relations scholar, and peace practitioner, currently living in Oxford. He specializes in conflict resolution, peace negotiations, transitional justice, reconciliation, and dialogue.

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