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New Wikistrat Wargame: When a Chinese Carrier Group Enters the Persian Gulf

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

  • On October 28-30 2019, Wikistrat will launch a Wargame testing the potential outcomes of a dramatic regional development involving several actors.

  • We are looking for participants who have a good geopolitical understanding of the actors and/or the Gulf region, and who can develop policies and analysis within a team environment.

  • If you have an academic background and/or a military/ navy/ government background, please make sure to state so when applying.

  • To register to the activity and learn more, please sign up here


The Persian Gulf has long been of vital importance to the global economy. The United States has enjoyed naval superiority within the Persian Gulf over the last several decades. Achieving its foreign policy goal (encapsulated in the Carter Doctrine) of maintaining the secure flow of oil between the Gulf and the rest of the world has entailed a constant naval presence, including its carrier battle groups.

Carriers are symbols of US power as well as preeminent power-projection platforms. Their frequent patrols demonstrate the importance that the United States places on the region and act as a deterrent to regional aggression. US carriers have also served as launch and support platforms for US military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have been used to deploy special forces teams where needed for surveillance and strikes throughout the region. For now, the United States still chooses to maintain unhindered and unchallenged Persian Gulf access as a means of securing its foreign policy goals.

In this simulation, we are going to run a scenario in which China is challenging US power and superiority in the Persian Gulf, forcing the US, its allies, and their foes to rethink their strategies.


If you wish to become a Wikistrat analyst and join this activity and many more, please apply here.


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