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Analyzing the Israel-Iran Escalations: Special Webinar

In a groundbreaking retaliation on the night of April 13th, Iran launched its first ever direct strike against Israeli territory, deploying over 300 drones and missiles.

What is the likelihood of a full-scale escalation into a direct Israel-Iran war? Why did Iran choose to launch an attack from Iranian territory instead of using proxies? And how factors like Russia's war in Ukraine, the economic situation in Iran, and the upcoming US elections are impacting the decision-making process?

On April 15, Wikistrat CEO Oren Kesler analyzed the recent Israel-Iran escalation in a special webinar with Iran expert Dr. Raz Zimmt.

* Please note that this is a developing event. The analysis is accurate as of the webinar on April 15, 2024.

Dr. Raz Zimmt is an expert on Iran at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and a Research Fellow at the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies at Tel-Aviv University. His research interests include Iranian society, politics, and foreign relations. He has written extensively in his field, authoring publications such as “Whither Iran and China? A Limited Partnership, yet Deep and Durable.”

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