Deloitte Publishes Findings from Blockchain and Insurance Simulation

Blockchain in Health and Life Insurance: Turning a Buzzword into a Breakthrough

Deloitte’s Center for Health Solutions and Center for Financial Services recently partnered with Wikistrat to study how health and life insurance companies might leverage blockchain and related technologies to strengthen key elements of their value proposition.

Wikistrat deployed a crowd of more than 40 analysts from around the world (including 17 academics, 11 authors and various leaders in blockchain technology, cybersecurity, finance, futurism and insurance) to brainstorm how blockchain could be applied by insurers to improve current standard operating procedures while enhancing the customer experience.

44 use cases were developed, of which six were selected for closer study. They are now published in Deloitte’s e-book, Blockchain in Health and Life Insurance: Turning a Buzzword into a Breakthrough, and concern interoperable health records, smart contracts, fraud detection, directory accuracy, simplifying the application process and facilitating a dynamic insurer/client relationship.

Click here to download Deloitte’s report and click here to learn more about Wikistrat’s crowdsourced services.

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